consider myself a seasoned traveler, but I am always looking for ways to upgrade my signature packing list.  I don’t like following generic packing guides, or those top 10 lists to carry on essentials – I find they aren’t relevant to my style and are quickly made irrelevant (insert sewing kit & luggage strap).  Those guidelines may have been another travelers savior, but created more anguish than usefulness in my situation.

I tend to travel on long haul flights (more than 6+ hours) and the one consistent annoyance for me is that I always tend to dry out.  My eyes, my hands, my throat… as soon as I step on the plane, the moisture is sucked out of my body.

As a generic rule of thumb, I never drink alcohol or caffeine on planes.  Alcohol and coffee are extremely dehydrating, even though they are wet – it’s not helping you hydrate.

I usually buy one or two liters of water after I get through security and make sure I have these in my carry on.  I hate pestering the flight attendants for glasses of water every half hour, so this keeps me sane, and hydrated.

I also prep a couple of days before take off, by relaxing with a sheet mask – I’m really into the face shop’s real nature line.  I let one of these baby’s soak into my skin the night before and find it helps my skin stay dewy & fresh throughout the flight.  I always keep eye drops handy, and body lotion close by.

I try not to wear to much makeup on the plane, since I know my skin is more than likely going to dry out anyway, however I do always keep a compact close by for touch ups, and my Huda beauty matte lipstick for when I step off the plane and want to look human again.

One of my new found favorite travel must have’s is the dōTERRA On Guard protective blend as a roll on.  With orange, clove, cinnamon and rosemary, this scent helps to wake me up and give me an energy boost to help combat jet-lag.  Plus, aside from drying you out – the dry air also weakens your body’s defenses against disease and because it’s re-circulated – exposes you to whatever bacteria other passengers might be carrying!  On Guard helps support a healthy immune function – so it’s plays double duty!

I’d love to hear what travel essentials are in your carry on for both short & long haul flights – who knows, maybe I’ll find a new must have on my list!

Comment and share 🙂

My Travel Essentials

  • dōTERRA ‘On Guard’
  • Tarte Maracuja Oil
  • Acure Dry Shampoo
  • The Solution – Face Mask