Everything that happens in the universe begins with an intention.


The good news?  You don’t have to wait for a new year to roll around to create a new you.

It’s easy to get distracted when you set an undefined goal with a long timeline, what’s more, you’ll only end up disappointing yourself when you fall short of your goals. Instead, re-define goal setting with setting your intention.

Intention setting is a simple way to start each day fresh and new, free of yesterday’s success & failure. Your intention can be as simple as blending yourself a wellness smoothie from the new wellness account you started following.

Setting your intention and living that intention allows you to focus on your needs in the present moment.  There is no need to worry about what may happen tomorrow, or what mistakes that you made yesterday, as you are living and breathing your goals for this moment. These daily intentions are an easy way to bring you happiness, as you don’t allow your mind to wander on what was or what may be.

Don’t limit yourself with rules on how to live each day.  Instead, treat each day the way it should be treated – as a chance to focus on new possibilities.  Be open to the experiences that a new day can bring.

Use intention setting in a healthy way, to try that new flying yoga class or get in tune with your body. Intention setting is a fun way to motivate yourself & change your ways. Besides, who doesn’t love whipping up some Five-ingredient Vegan Magical Fudgesicles to help you wind down the weekend?

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