As someone who has a multitude of dietary restrictions – cue in celiac & lactose intolerance – and a five year strong vegetarian, it’s difficult to find places where I can find palatable items on the menu. Sure I can order that salad, sans croutons, chicken, dressing and all the other add on’s that make a salad more than a bowl of spinach – but most times, I just want more!

Being gluten free in any sense is difficult - now add being a full time vegetarian/vegan and try to dine outside the home!

Now, I’m not on this strict diet because I want to fit into the cool hipster scene – trust me, if I could travel through Europe and eat all the croissants, gelato and street food that came my way – I would give up my diet faster than you could say “waffle cone”. Except – my one minute of indulgence would leave me with reeling for days. All the probiotics & green juice in the world wouldn’t tame my stomach after a gluten bomb.

I stumbled on this café in Dubai – the Lime Tree café, completely by accident… my co-workers at the office ordered my favorite carrot cake for my birthday – and come to my delight – it was packed full of Gluten free deliciousness!

I had to visit this café to see for myself what other wonders were waiting behind the doors.

I went to the branch in Al Quoz – which I usually frequent to check out the more artsy side of Dubai. Upon stepping into the café – I glanced around the open space and was happy to find a relaxed environment, and no hipsters to be seen! In fact, there were a couple of families quietly enjoying a coffee & avocado on toast. I stepped up to order from the giant menu splashed on the wall – and sat down to enjoy my gluten free frittata and soy latte.

It was delicious, but what made the entire experience worth it was the fact that I felt normal – I could actually eat something on the menu & not have to follow it up with a detailed conversation with the chef!

This café made it to my short list – which is – short! Go in and have a try for yourself!